Wednesday, 15 April 2015

IT'S THE BEGGINING OF THE END OR THE END OF THE ....YOU KNOW THAT....IS SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER AND PERMAFROST AND FOR PERMIC FAUNAS....temperatures in Khakassia soared to 25 degrees Celsius — 15-20 degrees Celsius above average for daytime Permian brachiopod faunas of Western Australia: Gondwanan—Asian relationships and Permian climate The Western Australian Permian brachiopod faunas are reviewed on a zonal basis and are shown to include a mixture of Gondwanan, endemic Westralian and Asian (Tethyan) genera. The presence or absence of Tethyan genera is largely temperature dependent, there being no apparent physical geographical barriers to the migration of such genera into the intracratonic basins of Western Australia during the Permian. On the basis of generic presence/absence data a palaeo-temperature curve is proposed for the marine Permian of Western Australia. The curve indicates the peak......of the peaks A pile of warming and chemically volatile peat-like perma-burn that is providing more and more fuel for intense fires.

the fires have come near the start of April. An extension of the burning season in Siberia inexorably toward the winter-spring boundary.
Khakassia Fires April 12 2015
(Extensive wildfires burn though Siberian Khakassia on April 12 of 2015. In the image, we can see down through a break in the cloud deck to view smoke plumes from scores of wildfires raging throughout the region. For reference, bottom edge of frame is 120 miles and the largest burn scars range from 3-5 miles across. As Siberian permafrost burn season progresses, we can expect fires that belch smoke plumes across the Northern Hemisphere emitting from burn scars as large as 30 miles or more across.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

THE POLAR VORTEX DRIFT ...AND EVT RULES ALL CULTURES ......AN ENERGY DISSIPATION IN WORDS MADE IN WALLS OF ICE .....IN WORDS OF TOMORROW BUT NOT FOR TODAY ....A DROUGHT OF WORDS THAT MAKE WALLS ...THE CALIFORNIX FUTURE APOCALYPSE IN ELLIPSE FOCI growing old like western civilization paupers dont read .had crossed my mind that maybe science und sci-fi fandom had shrunk....its normal ... the XXI century fox don't have many new recruits in fandoom .....virtual is the new real ....migrating to video games or anime or YouPorn or going bust like west-pak ..

These NASA images from 2013 and 2014 illustrate the impact of the drought.
These NASA images from 2013 and 2014 illustrate the impact of the drought.

Earlier this year, reports showed the several consecutive dry years combined with record supercharged California droughts. In 2014, temperatures were by far the highest – fueled mainly by a warmer than normal winter – in the 120 years of record-keeping. On average it was 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the previous standard, set in 1934.
By 2014, even though precipitation was near average, the state got roughly as much usable water as in 1977, one of the lowest years on record, said Michael Dettinger of the U.S. Geological Survey.
The problem was that the combination of heat and lack of precipitation created the worst drought conditions in the state in 1200 years. While precipitation was low, it was not unprecedented. It was the heat that pushed the drought to the next level.....DOOM LEVEL IN 666 DAYS ....NOAH BRING THE ARK PLEASE